Friday, May 10, 2013

Horses and Ranches

Is there something in the grass of the north Olympic Peninsula that helps horses to thrive? Or, in the water? The air? What explains the attraction to horse owners to relocate their steeds onto the farms, paddocks and stables on the grasslands west of Puget Sound? Maybe it's the saltwater. Or, the positive ions in the air. Could it be so simple as horse owners love to live with their mounts on The Elysium Fields, which were described by Homer as a heavenly place located on the western edge of the earth by an ocean stream? This could make sense given that this wonderland is in such close proximity to the Home of the Gods atop Mt. Olympus in nearby Olympic National Park. 

There is no need to speculate on the cause. The fact is that the north Olympic Peninsula is a favored breeding ground for horses and horse lovers. Spread out on the grasslands surrounding "Sunny Sequim," beneath the northern foothills of the Olympic Mountains, are idyllic settings for horse ranches. A glance at a local map shows the extent of the fertile soil enriched by the Dungeness River spilling from the mountains onto what looks like an immense delta along the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
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The Olympic Peninsula is a healthy environment in which to raise horses. The extensive riding trails in the foothills of the mountains in Olympic National Forest are a never ending source of adventures. Kids can show their mounts at local country fairs and 4H events. Whether boarding, breeding, or simply enjoying a rewarding relation with a horse or a herd, the paddocks and stables are peaceful homes for horses and are valuable investments for horse lovers. For individuals considering a relocation to a small horse farm or to a fancy, white fenced spread, search out properties in the Sequim Real Estate blog.

No one reason explains the attraction of horse owners to the north Olympic Peninsula. The variety of reasons inspiring horse lovers to resettle on the Olympic Peninsula is as diverse as the number of breeds of horses.

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