Blue Hole

What is the "Blue Hole?" The Blue Hole is patch of sunny weather. The moniker is used by Washingtonians to refer to Sequim's weather, the area of the Olympic Peninsula known as "Sunny Sequim." Yea, I've heard of Sunny Sequim, but what is with the "Blue Hole?" Simple. Get this picture. Image you are a pilot flying a plane above Sequim on the northern end of the Olympic Peninsula. You look down and you see clouds blanketing all of western Washington, except for one area, where you see a hole in the clouds with the blue water of the Strait of Juan de Fuca within the hole. "Eurka," you shout to your co-pilot. You have just discovered the Blue Hole.
Sunny Sequim "Blue Hole"
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Sunny Sequim Blue Hole weather map © 2013 Robert S. Sherby

Pilots who have flown over Washington State are the ones who named the Blue Hole. Don't be surprised as you get to know the residents of Sequim that you encounter what seems to be a disproportionate number of airline pilots. 

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