Victoria, BC

Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island in Canada is a fascinating destination for visitors to the Olympic Peninsula. The capital of British Columbia looks and feels like "Little London" and it is only a ferry ride away across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. A one-day excursion is very doable by boarding the Coho ferry before 8am at its dock along the waterfront in downtown Port Angeles. Passengers can return in the late afternoon and early evening.

A full day of sightseeing around Victoria's harbor can feel like a mini trip to Great Britain. All around the harbor ("harbour" in Victoria) are shops selling English teas and chocolates, Scottish woolen wear, and Irish tapestries. Doors are open at the Provincial Parliament, the Empress Hotel and the British Columbia Museum, each within a few hundred paces of the ferry dock. Restaurants and pubs invite you to come in for a rest on just about every corner. Of course, the welcome mat is out at the Wax Museum, the Miniature Museum and the Underwater Sea Gardens, again, each within stumbling distance of ferry dock.

To see more of the island that is beyond walking distance of the harbour, the adventurous explorer will find eager young peddlers with bicycle rickshaws, horse drawn carriages, tour buses, auto taxis, boat taxis and whale watching cruises to whisk them away to see undiscovered treasures.

For travelers with more time to spare than just one day it is an easy to stay over night in hotel accommodations near the harbour or zip off to a bed and breakfast inn on a nearby beach, and then return to Port Angeles and the next day's ferry.

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